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Passport Door & Dock Systems

Passport Door and Dock Systems has served businesses throughout central and eastern North Carolina since 1985 with the installation of Commercial Door Products, Dock Levelers & Lifts, and many related machines and accessories. We’re a division of DuraServ Corp, and we have three locations in North Carolina in the communities of Angier, Farmville and Greensboro

Our commercial and industrial warehouse products are ideal for new construction because they’re designed to offer impressive life spans and Minimal Maintenance Requirements. Reducing the size of your initial investment in new machinery may help you achieve greater profits in the future, whether you’re retrofitting an existing facility or are building an entirely new warehouse, distribution center, or other commercial building.

We work with and install the best-known names in Loading Dock Equipment and offer Commercial Door Productsby companies like Cornell, Wayne Dalton, and Rytec. We also sell and install industrial fans and dock levelers by Serco, as well as aftermarket and safety equipment like dock seals and dock shelters for your loading zones.

Passport Door and Dock Systems has access to an enormous inventory that we can access at any time of the day or night from our local warehouses. We have trucks and technicians ready to go whenever you need Loading Dock Repair, Commercial Door Repair, or want to know whether your loading dock area might benefit from upgrades.


With our fleet of fully stocked vehicles and team of factory trained service technicians, we work around the clock to keep your loading dock equipment operating safely and efficiently.

Who We Are

We know how vital it is that the equipment at your manufacturing plant, distribution center, or industrial facility is working flawlessly, and we’ve made it our mission to ensure that your Loading Dock and Door Equipment is functioning without fault, whether it’s the middle of the night or it’s a beautiful, sunny day. Not only can you rely on us for Loading Dock Repair and Overhead Door Repair, but we’re also experts on the Design and installation of your loading dock equipment.

We know every product we sell, inside and out, which means we can assist with your installs and upgrades and any maintenance and service needs that you have. Our company has received Awards for Excellence, sales, and entrepreneurship from many of the brands whose products we distribute and install, and we’re extraordinarily proud of the reputation we’ve been able to build during our decades of operation.

Our Products

We’re experts in Commercial Door Products and Loading Dock Equipment, and we’re confident in the products we sell and our ability to recommend the right equipment for your facility. We want to help you minimize downtime and maximize your efficiency, and that starts with our Commercial Overhead Doors, Loading Dock Levelers, and Related Equipment. Here are the products we sell and install.

Pharmaceutical Facility

Our Work

Commercial Doors

We offer a wealth of Commercial Overhead Doors, including Wayne Dalton Aluminum Doors, Rytec High-Speed Doors, Freezer Doors, and Fast-Fold Doors, as well as our popular Rolling Steel Doors and Roll-Up Doors. Our doors are built with industrial and commercial functionality in mind, and we’re confident in their performance and low maintenance needs.

Dock Levelers & Lifts

Our Dock Levelers & Lifts are available in several models, including Mechanical, Hydraulic, and Air-Powered Designs. We also sell and install Dock and In-Plant Lifts like the Serco Load Warrior Double Scissors Table Model and the Serco Load Warrior Turntable Model. We’re confident that our Loading Dock Levelers can withstand whatever you demand of them.

Dock Seals & Shelters

You may be able to enhance the safety of your loading docks, as well as reduce operational costs when you install Dock Seals and Dock Shelters at your facility. During a fierce storm, the gap between the vehicle and the loading dock entrance may allow rain and wind to enter the facility or Temperature-Controlled air to escape. Our Seals and Shelters can help prevent this from happening.


With our fleet of fully stocked vehicles and team of factory trained service technicians, we work around the clock to keep your loading dock equipment operating safely and efficiently.

Safety Equipment & Truck Restraints

Accidents can happen when a truck is stationed at a dock, and our Truck Restraints are an excellent addition to your safety program at your industrial or commercial facility. Ensure the safety of your employees by using one of our Serco Pit-Bull Truck Restraints or one of our Serco Wheel Restraints.


Energy-Saver Products

Safety is priority number one at any facility that uses loading dock equipment. Still, energy efficiency and affordable overhead costs are a close second for maintaining healthy profits and happy employees. We can install various energy-saving products like the ULTRA-SEAL® foam dock seal, which can help prevent air gaps from occurring when a truck arrives at your loading dock.

Industrial Fans

Our HVLS Fans are a great help to your facility every season. They can help you regulate the temperature in your building by reducing the temperature in the summer and increasing the temperature in the winter through reversible fan blades. We carry Serco ATEC Fans, Kelley ATEC HVLS Fans, and C-class Commercial Fans.

Our Services

We can assist in three main areas regarding Loading Dock Equipment and overhead door equipment. We can design your loading dock area, we can install all of the products we sell, or we can help you keep up with the maintenance those installations might require. We have a fleet of trucks ready to assist with Emergency Repairs and work on Non-Emergency Service Calls.

We have a team of coordinators who can help you with your Loading Dock and Overhead Door Installations. We can also consult with your facility manager or contractor on designing your new, retrofitted, or remodeled loading docks. We aim to improve your productivity, enhance safety, and reduce capital costs for all projects that install our Commercial and Industrial Loading Dock Equipment.

Areas We Serve

Our service area is the Raleigh-Durham region, and we have offices in Angier, Farmville and Greensboro, which help us serve a significant portion of North Carolina with our products. We’ll help you in Fayetteville with your new loading dock design, or we’ll assist with loading dock repair in Kinston. We can also offer overhead door repair or installation in Wilmington, Jacksonville, Rocky Mount, Henderson, Goldsboro, and Burlington.

Let Passport Door & Dock Systems, a division of DuraServ Corp, help you get the most out of your facility with award-winning service, industry-leading equipment, and dedicated staff dedicated to your prosperity and satisfaction. Call us today to discuss your project, whether you need emergency loading dock repair or want to consult on new overhead door installation.