Who We Are

We Fix Broken Stuff!

Passport Door & Dock is at the heart of the loading dock and overhead door industry in North Carolina, and our factory-trained service technicians are ready to come to you in one of our fully outfitted vehicles to Install, Repair, or Upgrade your Loading Dock and Door Equipment. We have convenient locations throughout our service area and can come to you from our Angier, Farmville, or Greensboro offices. As a division of DuraServ Corp, we offer the Nation’s Best Products and Services in loading dock equipment and overhead doors.

Passport Door and Dock. The World's Best Loading Dock Equipment & Doors

With each customer interaction we make, we endeavor to meet three company goals:

  • Take great care of every customer
  • Treat employees well and with respect
  • Be first and best in all markets in servicing customers

Our employees also commit to you with each Consultation, Service Call, and Installation they undertake.


Those employee commitments include being accessible to all customers, approaching each project positively and enthusiastically, and working as a team with other employees. Our employees are the face of our company, and we know that treating them well and fostering a welcoming work atmosphere helps us deliver the best service possible to each of our clients, whether they’re a large corporation with a presence in every state in the country, or they’re a humble local business.

Our Brands

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We Can Enhance Your Loading Dock Operations

We sell an incredible number of different Overhead Doors, as well as the best Loading Dock Levelers and Lifts in the country. One of our core strengths is our ability to recognize when one of our customers has a weakness in their operation and how we can use our factory-trained installation technicians and equipment to eliminate that weakness. Not only are we able to Design excellent Loading Dock areas, but we’re also able to enhance the functionality of those spaces with vital safety equipment and aftermarket products.

One of the best ways to reduce your overhead costs is to install items like Energy-Saving Lighting Systems and HVLS Fans. Not only can you save money on your electricity bills by upgrading your lighting system and installing fans, but you can also make your loading dock environment more comfortable for your employees with the ability to regulate the temperature better in cold or hot weather. Let us help you enhance the Loading Dock Equipment at your Wilson, New Bern, or Kinston business.

Values at Work

Company Goals

  • Take great care of every customer.
  • Treat employees well and with respect.
  • Be “first and best” in all markets in servicing customers.

Employee Commitment

  • Be accessible to customers and co-workers.
  • Be accountable to yourself and the company for your performance.
  • Be a team player, hustle, and have a great attitude.
  • Be positive and enthusiastic.
DuraServ Employees

Why We Succeed

We know that loading dock environments can be dangerous places and that having equipment that functions well is an essential part of your business. We might be part of the Largest Network of Distributors for Loading Dock Equipment and High-Speed Doors, but we’re also a company that succeeds because of our dedication to serving our customers. Here are the reasons we exceed your expectations in Loading Dock Repair, equipment, levelers, and service.

  • Service First

    Our service-first philosophy allows each of our employees to make a vital difference in our organization. We’ve seen our transformation from an equipment provider to a service provider help our business thrive and attract the best talent in the industry. We are dedicated to offering the Best Customer Experience possible with our industry-leading Loading Dock and High-Speed Door Technology.

  • One Customer – One Contact

    One of the problems we work hard to avoid is having one of our customers wait too long for service. Not only do we have Trucks and Technicians Ready to Assist whenever you call us with a request for repair or service, but we also have a “one customer, one contact” approach to customer service, so you aren’t yanked back and forth from agent to agent when you need assistance.

  • Large Retails

    We’ve been fortunate to Build Customer Relationships with some of the biggest companies in the country and have worked with well-known names like Target and Wal-Mart and some of the smallest local businesses that have just a few locations. Our service work has grown exponentially in recent years with our focus on large retail accounts, but we haven’t forgotten or stopped serving the vital small businesses of North Carolina.

  • Compete as a Team

    In addition to Fostering a Sense of Community within our company, we also work as a team whenever we’re on any service call or installation project because we know how teamwork can Improve Safety for our employees. We conduct our operations efficiently and with teamwork, so the result is always the best possible for our customers.

  • Committed Employees

    We want our employees to enjoy coming to work each day because satisfied employees are willing to go the extra mile for our customers. With employee satisfaction in mind, we work to give our employees regular updates about our company and its progress in meeting sales, performance, and other goals. Our employees will arrive Ready and Enthusiastic to Work With You, whether it’s a Loading Dock Upgrade in Durham, a retrofit in Burlington, or a brand-new loading dock facility in Goldsboro.

  • Experience and Tenure

    Some of our employees have more than 40 years of experience in the loading dock industry, and we know we’re lucky to have such dedicated employees working with us. The expertise our veteran employees offer is shared with our newest employees. That knowledge is a precious part of ensuring every one of our projects and service calls is conducted with excellence.

Passport Door and Dock of North Carolina is Ready to Install Your Equipment

From our location in Angier, we can come to you at any time when you need Loading Dock Repair, whether your business is in Henderson, Fayetteville, or Raleigh. We can come to your business in Wilson, Kinston, or Wilmington if you’re near our Farmville location. We want to bring our Award-Winning Services and technicians to your door – your overhead door – and to your loading dock environment. Contact us today to see how we can help your business.