Big or small, simple or complex, standard or specialized, bring the challenge to us. We’ll work with you to create a loading dock environment precisely suited to your needs.

High Volume Warehousing & Distribution

Today’s warehousing and distribution facilities are high performance in every sense of the word. Inventory turn around is very fast and the environment operates 24/7/365.

High-speed doors combined with centralized operating technology, advanced safety features and the latest in space security keep inventory moving at the speed of business. At the same time productivity is optimized, energy costs are contained, maintenance costs are reduced, and employee safety is enhanced. Let us help you design and create a facility to compete in the 21st century.

Food & Beverage

Over the years, quality standards in the food and beverage industry have become more demanding and regulations have grown more rigorous. And with every change, our in-house experts and designers have kept pace and can help you meet or exceed all USDA, FDA NSF and ISO standards and regulations.

From meeting strict hygiene regulations and climate control requirements to minimizing air movement and withstanding wash down environments, we have the products and expertise you need.


Environmental control to restrict movement of air-borne contaminants. Airtight seals. Strict “clean room” standards. Ultra secure access. High speed, high traffic and high cycle operations. These are just a few of the realities that define the design and installation of loading dock facilities in pharmaceutical and other life science applications.

The experts at Passport Door & Dock Systems are experienced and knowledgeable in this highly specialized area. With our complete line of doors, seals and controlled environment technology, we can create a loading dock facility that maximizes productivity, controls maintenance costs and meets cGMP guidelines.

Refrigeration/Cold Storage

In refrigerated and cold storage applications, controlling the environment is absolutely critical.

Passport Door & Dock Systems have the experience and the loading dock equipment to help you create a state-of-the-art refrigerated environment. Incorporating the latest in high-speed insulated doors and advanced dock and edge seals, we’ll design and install a loading dock that will help you improve productivity, control and maintain stable temperatures and reduce energy consumption to lower costs.

Parking Garages

Safe and secure access and exit for both vehicles and pedestrians is paramount in the design and installation of doors and barriers in parking garage facilities. At the same time, high-speed, controlled operation is critical to ensure that fast and efficient movement of traffic at entrance and exit points. On top of all that, doors and barriers must work 24/7/365 in all types of weather with minimal maintenance and proven durability.

If you’re planning a large scale parking facility that demands the attention of knowledgeable, experienced professionals, trust the experts at Passport Door & Dock Systems.


Productivity and cost control are always the bottom line in any high-volume, nonstop manufacturing environment and the loading dock facilities are no exception.

The proven professionals at Passport Door & Dock Systems will work with you to design and install a loading dock facility that can keep pace with your production schedules and contribute to your bottom line.

We specialize in creating manufacturing facility loading docks that can actually help improve productivity and traffic flow, reduce energy and maintenance costs, and minimize downtime. All with remarkably long-lasting durability, even under the harshest of conditions.

High Security Facilities

When security is the name of the game, Passport Door & Dock Systems are the experts you want on your team. Ultra high-speed doors that can open and close with no lag time virtually eliminate unauthorized, “tag along” access. Strict controlled access systems that require I.D. authorization to activate the door can be easily built into your design to take security to an even higher level.

When access and exit need to be strictly controlled, let us secure your premises.

Heavy Industrial Applications

Mining, construction and other heavy industries are characterized by relentless dust, dirt, contaminants, harsh conditions and extreme changes in weather. The application is more severe with trucks, backhoes, cranes and extraction equipment.

You need large, robust doors, motors, tracks, seals and hardware. Equipment that can operate at high speed and withstand the daily punishment, high wind and changing air pressures. All with minimal downtime and low maintenance.

Energy Efficient Facilities

Reduce Energy Use and Cut Costs with Energy Efficient Loading Dock Equipment

Energy efficient design that incorporates the latest in green loading dock equipment and technology delivers an immediate and measurable ROI. Whether you are retrofitting your existing loading dock or starting from scratch with a brand new facility, we have the products and expertise that can help cut energy consumption and save money.

Transportation & Transit

Mass transit maintenance garages and transportation terminals are a huge investment. Finding ways to enhance performance and control costs is a priority.

These types of operations are high volume and high speed in nature. The design and equipment have to accommodate the non-stop movement of people and vehicles in a way that maximizes productivity but doesn’t compromise safety and security.

The high-speed equipment we install contributes directly to reducing energy costs by minimizing air exchange. And for managers expected to “do more with less”, the low maintenance requirements are a welcomed addition to the bottom line.

In the high-speed, high-volume world of transit and transportation, partnering with Passport Door & Dock Systems is a move in the right direction.


Success in retail is measured in terms of inventory turnover. That means there is a constant ebb and flow of merchandise between distribution centers and retail outlets. As always, cost control is a major concern and securing the premises against unauthorized access is essential.

At Passport Door & Dock Systems, we have the experience, the expertise and the products to keep inventory flowing efficiently and cost-effectively.

Our high-speed doors and hardware, advanced control technology and automatic safety systems work in unison to keep inventory moving. The fast open/close cycle helps reduce energy costs by controlling air exchange. And despite the high speed, high volume workload, maintenance requirements and costs are remarkably low. To keep your inventory turning smoothly, turn to us.

Auto Dealers & Service Centers

Auto centers are busy facilities that need efficient equipment to help them operate at peak performance. Whether it’s the service bay or the drive-in customer service entrance, efficient door operation leads to better climate control and lower heating and cooling costs.

Modern facilities are investing in high speed doors and HVLS fans. We are one of the largest suppliers of high speed doors and HVLS fans in the world.

Significantly reduce your maintenance costs, increase service employee productivity, reduce monthly energy bills and enhance the appearance of your facilities. All with help from Passport Door & Dock Systems.