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Your company’s loading dock is a vital part of your operation. Passport Door & Dock Systems can help you choose a dependable and durable replacement for your current loading dock environment. We sell, install, and maintain loading dock levelers and lifts from respected brands like Serco for our clients across North Carolina. We can provide complete loading dock solutions for your business or targeted repairs and upgrades.  

A loading dock is a machine that must often operate under difficult and stressful conditions. We can help improve your current equipment by installing upgrades and tailor-made machines for the harsh demands of a busy loading dock. We have mechanical loading dock levelers, air-powered loading dock levelers, and hydraulic loading dock levelers, and each of our devices can hold its own against an onslaught of work. We can help improve your loading dock environment at every stage, from design to installation to service.

The loading and unloading of goods and equipment take place on a loading dock. Commercial facilities’ loading dock systems provide easy access for the transfer of commodities. Loading docks are designed and engineered for commercial establishments, industrial applications, manufacturing operations, retail businesses, and warehouses.

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Mechanical Dock Levelers

Mechanical Dock Levelers  

A mechanical dock leveler is an ideal choice when you want to enjoy the long-lasting durability of a strong loading dock that can offer reliable operation over time. We select Serco mechanical dock levelers for their impressive national reputation and the ability of their mechanical levelers to offer unlimited float hold-down. We can install any one of three levelers, including the 

One of the benefits of mechanical dock levelers is that they don’t require any power to operate. For some businesses that are small or have one or just a few loading docks, the mechanical dock leveler is an ideal solution. You may be able to increase your productivity with a new leveler while also keeping costs down through the reasonable price and affordability of the mechanical loading dock leveler. Let us help you choose the right loading dock leveler for your business.

  • Serco Mechanical Dock Leveler Model WL
  • Serco Mechanical Dock Leveler Model WS
  • Serco Mechanical Edge-of-Dock Leveler

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Hydraulic Dock Levelers

Hydraulic Dock Levelers  

A hydraulic dock leveler is an excellent option for businesses that want to create a safe environment for employees while still having a workhorse of a dock leveler for daily operations. If you run a warehouse with high traffic levels, or you need a loading dock leveler that can operate continuously at any time of the day, your best option might be one of our Serco hydraulic dock levelers, which are also easily handled by your employees. 

We have six models of Serco hydraulic dock levelers with features like yieldable hydraulic lips, regenerative hydraulics, and full operating range toe guards. Our hydraulic dock levelers also come equipped with dual integral maintenance struts and lip support latches, as well as heavy-duty dock bumpers. Our hydraulic dock levelers are also capable of supporting many thousands of pounds. For example, our Serco hydraulic dock leveler Model HD offers capacities of 40,000 to 50,000 pounds.

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Air Powered Dock Levelers

Air-Powered Dock Levelers 

Your loading dock environment might dictate that an air-powered dock leveler is your best option when it comes to a low-maintenance machine that also offers easy push-button activation for raising the deck. We have two options for your air-powered loading dock leveler that include the Serco air bag dock leveler Model AB and the Serco air-powered edge-of-dock model. Air-powered dock levelers have offered a reliable operation to businesses for more than 50 years.  

Our clients choose air-powered loading dock levelers because they offer more straightforward construction versus hydraulic dock levelers. After all, there are no hydraulic fluids that require attention and maintenance over time. Air-powered levelers utilize a low-pressure pump to inflate the air bladder, and their open and straightforward design makes the machinery easy to reach to perform maintenance. Air-powered loading dock levelers are a smooth and reliable option for your loading dock environment.

  • Serco Air Bag Dock Leveler Model AB
  • Serco Air Powered Edge-of-Dock Model

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Specialty Dock Levelers

Serco specialty dock levelers provide reliable powered up and powered down performance.
  • Serco Power-Assisted Dock Leveler Model PAL
  • Serco Versadock Dock Leveler
  • Serco Vertical Dock Leveler
  • Serco Vertical Hydraulic Rail Leveler

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Loading Dock Lifts 

Our dock and in-plant lifts may be your best option for safe lifting at your facility. We carry several models by Serco, including: 

Our loading dock lifts offer similar performance to hydraulic loading dock levelers and have features like powered lip control safety and push-button controls. Our loading dock lifts are also capable of the heavy lifting you require. 

For example, our Serco level lift model offers a capacity of 50,000 pounds for the leveler and a 12,000-pound capacity for the lift. The model also features ten- and 12-foot-long units and comes with an LED light communication package. Clients who choose the Serco rail lift model will enjoy a low-profile machine that requires no pit construction and is surface-mounted. The lift is known for its stability and features a self-contained power unit and control panel.

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Loading Dock Design Services 

We sell the best loading dock levelers, and loading dock lifts in North Carolina, and we also have some of the most experienced loading dock designers and installers in the state. We can help you maximize your operation’s productivity through comprehensive loading dock design services. We can also install everything we sell and conduct routine maintenance on your machinery. We can work directly with your architect to design a new loading dock, or we can consult with your facility manager. 

With help from our design team, you can rest assured that your loading dock will operate without fault and that you won’t need to deal with costly and time-consuming machine failures. When we make our recommendations, we take several facets of loading dock design and consider minimum distances, maximum capacities, and many other critical details. Let us improve the level of safety your employees enjoy while also helping you improve your loading dock efficiency and reduce your capital costs. 


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Passport Door & Dock Systems offers dedicated personnel and North Carolina’s most reliable and exceptional loading dock lifts and loading dock levelers for your operation. We want to be the company you contact whenever you need anything related to loading dock levelers, from emergency service calls to installing new equipment. Contact us today for more information on our loading dock levelers and lifts.

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